Fire & Ice // Craggy Gardens

We tripped up to Craggy Gardens for a shoot in sub-zero weather, with 55mph winds and ice on the mountain. Wow. When we got up to Craggy it was breathtaking, figuratively and literally. The wind was whipping a cloud from the north side across its jagged edges so fast it looked like a blanket getting pulled over a bed or something. It was surreal. The moisture in the clouds was sticking to the 23 degree plants that were high enough to reach the precipitative entity. The grass below was untouched.

These crazy kids took one look at the gorgeous mountain and didn't hesitate with their decision: "We're going up." 

I'm so so glad we did too. It was worth near frostbite to spend time in such a mysterious piece of nature with two people who were strangers to me, but at the same person to one another. I always come into these shoots as an outsider, observing. Carefully logging their humor and stolen glances. It's my privilege to intrude into their union and take a perspective. To have an opinion on the love of others is such a strange and unfamiliar place to be, sometimes. But these two were warm and welcoming. Their sarcasm and endless string of puns included me in each moment and made me feel like I was a part of some secret society. 

I'm so grateful to be able to meet people like these.