The Carpenters // Anniversary at Black Balsam, NC

These guys have been married for a whole year! I've known these two since High School and they've been in each others lives for so ling, it seemed a abundantly clear to everyone that they would get married and live happily ever after. We were all right.

I am constantly blown away by how intimate taking someones photo can be, and by the haunting power of emotions that can come from a seemingly dry well, in just a moments notice. This shoot was no exception. As you watch how people are together, you start to get an idea about who they are. Not just who they are in a general sense or in what they like even, but how they love. You can stand right in front of two people and watch their love for each other permeate each moment that they're together. Small gestures like carrying objects up the side of a mountain, or seemingly unnoticed glimpses, like whispers while they walk ahead or behind.