Engagement Prep! Advice on planning your engagement session.

anna & alex black balsam engagement

So he got down on one knee, asked you this gigantic question, and you..

said yes! Hopefully.

Which now means you are unofficially-officially hurtling toward the inevitable event that is wedding planning. For many couples, the first hoop to jump through as faux-married people is the process of engagement photos. This task seems simple on the surface, however upon further investigation reveals difficult questions. What should we wear? Should we match? No. We hate matchy-matchy. But we should be in the same color family... yeah. Blues and reds. No Jeans and t-shirts. Nope. Formal. Nope. Nope. Nope. Locations? Where should we do this at?! What time of year? Is it going to be hot or cold?!

Overwhelmed yet?


Here is some advice for how to simplify the engagement shoot process.

1) FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER. Preferably one that knows the area well and can offer great location and vendor advice. Photographers wear all kinds of hats and have talents beyond just looking pretty and holding a camera. They will help you take the stress out of this whole process. Try searching "Hendersonville Engagement Photographer" or "Asheville Engagement Photographer" or check out Wedding Wire to get a lead on photogs that you may like. Once you start browsing through peoples work, make a short list of your favorites and go over it together. 

2) ORGANIZATION is going to be your BEST friend throughout the entire wedding process. Whether you're throwing a $20,000 wedding, or eloping on the side of a mountain in nowhereville, it's important to nail down details and make sure everyone is on the same page. When planning for your engagement shoot or wedding, make lists of ideas, or make a mood board that encompasses everything you envision for your session. This is a great tool to send your photographer, because they will get a clearer perspective on your creative wants and wishes. Try not to pick a style out of the range of your photographer. If you like a photographer who has light and airy images, try to keep your inspiration in a similar vein. 

3) IT'S OKAY TO BE PICKY when choosing vendors for your wedding. Ask questions. Pros will be able to answer just about anything you throw at them. Do not hesitate to present crazy questions and scenarios to your pros, that may help you decide. While budgeting is always important, realize that long after the cake and flowers are old and gone... the photographs will be hanging on your walls. Your children will grow up looking at them, your family will keep them for generations. Put your money where the value is. 


And with that.... you should be well on your way to your dream engagement shoot. Remember, find a pro, get organized, be picky, AND HAVE FUN. Get creative. Take the best dang engagement photos anyone has ever taken.