Matt & Jessica Marie

I met Jessica Marie at Sanctuary Brewing a while ago. She's one of those people that is magnetizing because of how wonderful they are to everyone around them.

She contacted me about possibly shooting their wedding, I remember it well because my heart literally skipped a beat. I felt so honored that she thought of me, I immediately got excited and stated daydreaming about photographing her and Matt. Oh, and Matt. If there was ever anyone worthy of Jessica Marie, it's him. He's a fireman and an amazing man in general, which is obvious when you speak to him for like 10 seconds. But what REALLY makes me love Matt, is the way that he looks at Jessica Marie when she enters the room, or when she pets Sage, the dog, or how his face lights up when hers does. Their happiness is intertwined with one another. When they sit together on their porch swing, you can almost imagine them being 80 sitting on the same swing, with a dog under their feet and grandkids in the yard.

Bottom line, is these people are why I like what I do. They are the picture of how relationships are successful when you work at them.

Love + Work = Blissful Marriage.