Tips for Wedding Survival!

Here at THP, we aim to please. 

And I (Taylor) aim to help you out on your big day. I've been to soooo many weddings, that i've seen some patterns come up.

One of the big ones is couples (or BRIDES..) that don't seem to enjoy their wedding day that much at all! At least until they start drinking, then they're fine. 

SO here is a list of easy tips that will help cut down on stress during your big day, and ensure that you'll really remember it as one of the best days of your life! 

  • HIRE A DAY OF COORDINATOR. This seems so frivolous to a lot of people (myself included pre-wedding industry) but having someone who is paid to do the organizing and "heavy lifting" on your big day is a HUGE sanity saver. This often overlooked person can make or break you on such a stressful day. Here at THP, we have a coordinating intern who would LOVE to help you out with the overall planning of your wedding and on the big day itself.
  • DELEGATE. Even if you don't go the planner route, you still need to delegate tasks to trusted friends and family. You should NOT have to be worried about table settings, food arrival, guest issues and the 1,000 other small choices that need to be made during a wedding. One easy way of achieving delegation nirvana is to give one task to each person. That way you're not overwhelming your mom or MOH, but everyone gets to feel important and helpful on your special day! And you'll feel great too knowing that everyone is working together because they love you!
  • ASK VENDORS QUESTIONS. Too many times, i've seen couples assume that their vendor is going to come prepared to the 9's or that the vendors are going to do the work of scheduling and cat herding during their event. Much to the dismay of many a couple, vendors usually do not go above and beyond their pay grade. (I do because i built it into my cost *wink wink* thank me later!) Make sure you're certain that the baker is bringing the cake trays, the DJ knows the timeline of events for your reception and that if things go awry, you have DELEGATED (see what I did there?) someone to manage those kinds of incidents.
  • GO WITH THE FLOW. This is last but certainly not least!! When little things aren't as perfect as you've imagined them to be on your wedding, just remember why you're there. And why all of your guests showed up. And that it's one day, so you BETTER ENJOY IT! Remember the bigger picture about your wedding and it'll be easy not to sweat the small stuff.

So there you have it! And while you're at it, subscribe to our newsletter for 15% off a portrait session!