THP Updates

Hello out there! - Here's a quick update!

Happy Wednesday! I'm so excited for this coming weekend, it's PACKED full of weddings and will wrap up my spring weddings for 2018. This year, I am taking the month of June OFF from Weddings to be able to spend time with my son during his 5th birthday, and prepare him for starting Kindergarten in July. I really appreciate all of my summer and fall clients, and I know that after taking some time off, I'll be itching to get back to work and photograph more gorgeous weddings. 

So, that being said, here are some updates at THP.

First thing that you may have noticed are the website changes. My website used to be a combination of my wedding photography business, web design, logo creation, business branding photography and a host of other fun things.. but I felt like it wasn't fair to my amazing wedding clients to have such a cluttered and multi-functional site. So earlier this year, I split my business in HALF and created Heery Design Co. ( as a way to keep all of my clients feeling like they have their own platforms in which they can interact with me. Plus, it was an excuse to make another website, which I love.

I also changed my pricing for 2019, and I can tell you why! When I book 80%+ of my available dates in a year, I sit down and evaluate the time that I ACTUALLY spend working on client projects. I look at things like the timeframe that I have the work COMPLETED, the backend work that I do to ensure a good client experience, cost of new gear & software, and obviously about 100 other factors, and formulate what the following years prices should be. If I feel like I went above and beyond for my clients and worked hours that benefitted THEIR end result, rather than me having free evenings to spend with my friends and family, I see the bigger picture of what my work / life balance is. This is something that is critical to being a successful business owner, and not burning out in horrible, flaming glory. Finding that sweet spot between being passionate enough about your job to work into the wee hours of the night, and having days where you don't even TOUCH a computer or look at an email. Those of you that are parent (of dogs, cats or children) know that you can't get time back. So as a healthy attempt to keep my business the flourishing and positive blessing that it is, I'm choosing to be very intentional about how and what my time is spent on.

In 2017 & 2018 I have been thrilled with allllll of my clients. They have all sent me excellent feedback, reviews and love letters about what amazing experiences were had all around. I am learning that I would rather take fewer clients, and have MORE time with them to build a relationship and create a photography experience that perfectly suits their needs and expectations. I am in love with what I do because of YOU GUYS. When I get to go back through images and edit, I'm smiling the entire time because I can remember the silly jokes that were told, the plans that you have for your life *after* the wedding phase, and I feel like I'm making clients that are friends. That is why I love what I do, I'm a people person. 

Okay, okay. To conclude, I want to take the super functional business model that I've so thoughtfully and carefully created, and refine it even more. I want to give each client my ALL and make sure that they've felt cared for, listened to and ultimately have images that reflect who they really are and not simply what others see. 

Here's to looking ahead, making grand plans and loving my couples even more than I already do.