A Two Part Texan Elopement | Black Balsam Knob | Taylor Heery Photography

Julie and Ed are couple goals. I mean it. They're like the most adorably, disgustingly in love couple ever, and BOY can you tell. The way they look at each other, and whisper things and have stories about getting kicked out of a Starbucks parking lot at 2:30AM... I mean they're really just all of the good things about being in love, and deciding to get married.

So these lovely Houston, TX residents decided to get married on a mountain in Asheville, NC. They planned and waited patiently until FINALLY the day arrived that they could officially get married, and wear the rings and do the things. 

AND IT RAINS. It rains y'all. 

Are you kidding me? What kind of cosmic, backwoods joke is that? Not COOL Mother Nature, NOT COOL. But they're so lucky because their planner was Nikki of Carolina Love Events and Homewood, and she saved the day by using Homewood (a gorgeous castle right in AVL) as the backup venue. 

But here I am, still feeling bummed, and like these super nice and totally in love Texans got kind of cheated out of their perfect day. So I said, "are y'all free tomorrow night?" And the rest is history. We hit Looking Glass Falls and Black Balsam to make their mountain dreams come true, and what a PERFECT night it was. Clear, warm and not slammed busy.