Craggy Gardens Engagement - Andrea & Talley | Taylor Heery Photography

This gorgeous couple, and their sweet as can be dog Sammy, trekked down here from Washington D.C. to do a sunset engagement session at Craggy Gardens! 

After ME getting delayed at a road closing and having to backtrack, drive through Asheville, get on the parkway farther north and HIGHTAIL it to Craggy, we were able to capture some of my new favorite sunset images. We were all thankful for the 70º+ weather that was happening on this rogue Wednesday evening! Craggy can sometimes have whipping winds, and chilly temps, but somehow, even though they scheduled weeks in advance, the sunshine was beaming bright for them. 

Don't worry though, their wedding will be in NOVEMBER, so plenty of chance for chilliness. 

I am RIDICULOUSLY fortunate to have clients that essentially let me do whatever I want to. I get to wander wherever my heart takes me, soak up of of the backlight, and wait out those final moments of sunshine at the end of every day. The best part, is literally watching the sun, second by second, creep behind the blue ridge mountains. There's a peaceful sense of finality to it that you just don't see everyday, unless you're a sunset hunter like me.