Availability Update

Hello out there, world! 

It seems like a long time since I blogged for THP, which I realize now is pretty sad BUT... there's a reason for the radio silence! 

I've officially and fully launched the Taylor Heery Design Company, a website & branding company for small businesses, photographers & entrepreneurs! As I transition to a 50/50 business model (half THDCO, half THP) I will be accepting fewer wedding bookings for 2019. Eek! Don't panic (unless you're a May or Octoberer) though, because I will be *somewhat* flexible with my bookings.

The goal is to only book two weddings a month instead of the current schedule, which last year was 61 WEDDINGS, and this year has 52 on the books. I love, LOVE wedding photography, but am making more space to spend more time with my family, run my OTHER company, and really invest in my photography clients in a way that I haven't been able to before now. 

I love to work with clients on an individualistic level to help with more than just "timeline prep" but really to create the perfect set of wedding images per each couples vision. By working 2-3 weddings a weekend over an almost 3 year period, I have learned a LOT about the industry, about how to achieve your DREAM wedding, and why usually... less is more. 

The entire wedding industry is so saturated because it's so wonderful. Who doesn't want to be a part of something as magical as someones wedding?! The problem with this over-saturation is that it sometimes turns into feeling like you constantly need to "compete" with other couples, or rise to hugely unattainable expectations. This is the part that of what we do that I DESPISE. Your wedding should YOURS.

Couples always ask about my wedding, and let me tell you a secret. I got married at the courthouse. Yep. You heard me. 20 minutes in front of the detention center with my Dad and a guy we found on Main Street (was a friend for the record) and it cost $80. $80 Y'ALL for like literally 20 minutes. I was so mad, I couldn't believe that I had spent that much money to sign 3 pieces of paper. UGH, give me a break. Did I also mention that I still felt all the butterflies, stared at my now-husband in the car in complete disbelief and wonder in the car ride to dinner, and genuinely felt like it happened the way it was supposed to? Well it did. 

There are infinite ways that pressure can infiltrate your wedding & your marriage, but things like finances, table settings, suit colors and florals shouldn't add unnecessary strain. I want to be able to tell clients that it's okay to have small, meaningful weddings. It's okay to have a 400 person extravaganza, all as long as you are enjoying the process.

Whew. That was a lot. Bottom line, THP is changing it's booking procedure, and I thought you should know! 

I love my clients like friends, and if we haven't gotten coffee, drinks or donuts yet... then you must not be my client.