Bridal Boudoir

Here is a tiny snippet of a recent bridal boudoir shoot. There are tons more, but I'm trying to keep the client a secret, so no faces here! 

Bridal boudoir shoots are a great way to surprise your hubby to be, and feel really fun and confident in some sexy lingerie. Every time I get to do one of these, I get so excited!

My advice to those interested in boudoir shoots: 

• Find the perfect location. I don't provide a location for the shoot, so find a room in your home that's light and bright.. a friends home, a bed and breakfast or hotel or even an air bnb that you can have a mini-staycation in! You can really make this as fun as you want, and the location is key! You can also shoot outdoors, I have a few areas of extreme seclusion 

• Check amazon for fun pieces. This takes some planning ahead, because you may want to order in time to try on and return before your session, but it can save moneyyyyy. Also, think fancy robes, sheer dresses and the boyfriend look too! 

• Plan your hair and makeup trial for the same day! You'll be looking and feeling your best for a shoot that can make you feel vulnerable and exposed in the beginning. The extra "wow" factor can help with nerves, and obvs adds to the gorgeousness of your images.

• Make sure you have time to order an album if you're wanting it before the big day! I have tons of recommendations for albums, so tell me your plan for the images and I can guide you in the right direction.

Here's some words of adulation from this wonderful bride: 

"I loved the session and these photos are stunning!! You made me feel very comfortable in a situation that I was really nervous about. And the photos speak for themselves, my hubby is going to LOVE them. :)"