Birth Photography | Asheville Birth Photographer | Taylor Heery

Birth photography is something that I was never sure if I would be interested in. Really, I never was until after I had kids of my own, and then I really began to understand the importance of these images.

I first met Bekah while photographing her wedding... and now after more than a year has transpired, here we are celebrating the birth of her second baby girl, Zoey! I left the hospital with tears in my eyes on the elevator, realizing the magnitude of the situation that had just occurred. Bringing a life into the world is the most amazing thing to behold. 

I also had the total joy of watching baby Zoey meet her big sister, again with the tears. I'm now wishing that I had images like this with my sweet kiddos. I have another birth to shoot in the coming weeks, and I'm overJOYED by the possibility!