Nest Boutique Fall Fashion | Canon EOS R review

I just purchased the Canon EOS R mirrorless full frame camera, and I have been itching to take it out on a fun, creative shoot! Belle, Emily and Nest Boutique all lent their time and talents to accommodate my new camera jitters, and thus.. I can now provide a review.

5 things I love about the Canon EOS R:

  1. COLOR GRADING. This thing has phenomenal color straight out of the camera. Better than my MK III’s, but close to my MK IV’s. Tweaking my editing from the normal files from the MK IV’s to the color grading on the R is not too difficult, but allows for really deep, rich hues to come through. No funky green tint.

  2. IT’S BUILT WELL. This may seem obvious, but hold this camera in your hands, and you’ll know exactly what i’m talking about. The build quality is outstanding, and the slightly smaller size makes an easier fit in my hand for gripping, and a lighter load on my little kid wrists. The lens has the dedicated / customizable ring and it’s really an outstanding feature. I have it set to change my ISO, and it makes the whole process very streamlined. The new lenses have me giddy with joy, and the accompanying EF adapter means that you can use all of you “old” canon L glass still and not cry yourself to sleep at night, regretting the money lost to the inevitable future.

  3. THE TOUCH / SWIVEL SCREEN. Again, a no-brainer. People that don’t just shoot recreationally and spend hours, days, weeks and YEARS on their cameras know how important workflow is. The touch ability allows for quick maneuvering and viewing, while the swivel creates a more dimensional way to shoot film, and vlog.

  4. SILENCE. I shoot a lot of weddings, proposals, etc. and the silent shutter is just insanely useful. It really is totally silent, and almost eerie when you first start messing with it. You’re like “wait a second, how will the model know to change poses?!” well with direction of course. Great for being a fly on the wall.

  5. AF TRACKING. This feature works realllllly well and makes doing any kind of video a snap. Focus pulling a bride down the aisle or a frantic makeup artists hand is going to be 1000x easier now.


  1. IMAGE PREVIEW. It shows up in the viewfinder and makes shooting a bit laggy. Fortunately it is something you can turn off, but the I don’t see the images after shooting at ALL. Not on the LCD or the viewfinder display. Kind of annoying, canon needs to speed up the lag time and it will be a non-issue.

  2. LACK OF MICRO USB / FLASH PORTS. I do a fair bit of studio work, and i’m always using my tether tooth cables and studio flashes, sometimes plugged in If the triggers die or whatnot. This is a bit disappointing because I would love to use it across platforms with the gear that I already HAVE instead of having to buy even more.