Chick-Fil-A Wedding | Highlight Reel

Okay. So *technically* this wasn't a "Chick-Fil-A Wedding" but the bride and groom DID legitimately go to CFA after we finished their couples portraits up at Pretty Place, and I may have to ask EVERY couple to get CFA during their wedding from now on. I felt super VIP for getting to go with them, and the sweet / surprised little claps and smiles of people simply enjoying their lunch is enough to brighten anyones day.

Dylan and Val had a really neat, chance encounter at a bar that sparked a long... challenging... long distance relationship. They both work in the medical field, her as a travel nurse, him in PA school (now graduated!) and their relationship was able to thrive despite some pretty stressful moments. This gorgeous duo now lives in ALASKA (where there is no CFA, hence the CFA run) and have promised me that if they stay a family, I will get to go take pics of them in AK, which we all know would just be epic. 

I have a tendency to fall in friendship with a lot of my clients, (looking at you Kristen Baker, Katie Lauver, Elisa Jarrin, Stephanie Ellis, Brianna, Belle and like 1000x more!) and this pair is no exception. They love Jesus, pizza and kids so we're basically a match made in heaven. I'm thrilled to keep up with them and see what amazing plans life has I store for them over the next few years. 

What a cool wedding, y'all.


DJ: Benjamin T Warner
FLOWERS: Flowers By Larry
HAIR & MAKEUP: Bliss Salon Hendersonville
CAKES & CUPCAKES: Gateaux Cakes & Pastries
VIDEOGRAPERS: Molina Vision Media
SNACK: Chick Fil A