The importance of editing | Taylor Heery Photography


So here's the thing... the world is a beautiful place when it comes to nature, flowers, design and sunsets. The singular aspect of life and creativity that makes these experiences so memorable, is COLOR. 

Something very trendy right now (and for a while honestly) is this theory of "desaturation." Sucking all of the color and life out of the images to highlight only one specific color or focus point. It makes for very muted, neutral toned images and sometimes can have a very neat effect.

I personally disagree with this method of editing and coloring images. I believe that color enhances experience, and that your images should be a reflection of the day as it really happened. The creativity and mood building comes largely from how the photographer chooses to capture an image, from the angle or distance. Each photog chooses their own definitive style, and you should be very aware of that when choosing the professional that you work with for your wedding. 

It suits many people to have the look that is trendy at any given time (we all remember bellbottoms, shoulder pads and keds, right?) and it may even suit you! Just be very cautious and curated when it comes to selecting your photog's, because they are the ones that will give you the only thing you'll have to keep for the rest of your life. The photographs are the lasting mark from your wedding, and the only window back in time to a day that's so powerful and life-changing. 

Long story short, I like color. I like it a lot. 

I like to use it, and artistically enhance the effect of it in my images so that you feel the vibrancy jump off of the page or computer screen. No dulling or dimming down here, just your wedding day, as it happened.

Below are some examples of "before & after's" of my editing process. You can see that the colors vary only slightly, and they largely become more vibrant. It's really important to get your images exposed and colored properly IN-CAMERA. This helps streamline the edit process, and prevent color discrepancies. I also shoot my images in RAW format, and color balance using Kelvins, instead of AWB. This contributes to the consistency of my work, and gives you peace of mind about your images.