GREYSTONE GIRLS | Senior Night + Ellie Holcombe | Taylor Heery Photography

If you have known me for any length of time, you know that I love....


This is why I live in my hometown, why I'm on the board at my High School, why I have 7,000 Christmas ornaments, have family rituals for every single holiday & it's especially why I love photography. Photos help freeze these moments in time so that as we move forward, generation after generation, we don't forget what happened. 

And thus, the traditions carry on.

When I was a wee little baby middle-schooler, my Dad built the dining hall at Camp Greystone. He got me up at 5:30 every morning, rode me 30 minutes down the mountain to his job, and told me to "find something to do." Little did I know that this especially cruel (JK I loved working) kind of torture for a middle schooler during summer break, would reappear in my life so many times. 

Camp Greystone is a world renown girls camp in Tuxedo, NC. Though I never attended as a camper, this camp taught me how to schlep laundry & trash bags, take big greystone bites, sing songs and most importantly... it rekindled a love for Christ that had laid dormant for a long time. 

Tonight at camp, Ellie Holcombe came and sang, and once again my soul feels ignited. These girls are truly blessed to experience such a pure and wonderfully joyous time, as the one had at Greystone. You can't visit GS without feeling like you're entered another realm of existence, or "the bubble" as they call it. Hundreds of teenagers spending weeks on end without cell phones or drama... just simple living in the mountains.