Madison, GA Wedding | Taylor Heery Destination Wedding Photographer

If there was ever a wedding that I want to re-live OVER and OVER again, it's this one. 

I've known Matt & Hilary since they came to my office and chatted about their relationship, wedding plans and just life things in general. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... building these relationships with my clients is what makes this line of work so rewarding. We did their engagement photos, for which they had cloudy weather! I was initially bummed about not getting the "sunset" photos that I have come to be known for, but we more than made up for it on the day of their wedding. 

Some digs on being a wedding photog, IT'S STRESSFUL. There are no redos at weddings, lots of room for things to wrong in a hurry and you're dealing with sometimes 12 hours days (or longer if you're traveling) and that's just the day OF the wedding. That's not all of the prep work before, editing after and product creation.

**Just ONE wedding averages between 60-80+ hours work. Woah. And the longer I am at a wedding, the longer the prep and post work is.** That number can easily climb over 100 hours if you're talking engagement sessions, timeline creation help, print orders and panicked phone calls late at night. 

All that to say, that I am in LOVE with this job. I perform well in high-stress situations and find myself giddy editing photos late into the night, exporting gem after gem into an album that I am so ready to share with my clients. Each wedding is totally unique, from the decor, the dress and food to the people themselves. This wedding was not short of exciting details, here's just a handful.

• T-Rex dancing at the reception.
• Gorgeous GA farmhouse that's been featured in movies like "My Cousin Vinny."
• Dog baby
• Rose Gold everything, even sneakers
• Vows hand written by commission on a SCROLL
• Cheese socks
• Versace perfume
• DUCK DONUTS instead of a cake
• DJ is an EMS personnel (just like our groom!)
• Hot sauce bar to accompany tacos 

And like 1,000 other things. Enjoy these images, and hopefully you'll be inspired by Matt & Hilary's creativity.