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I'm starting a new thing called "client blogging," because anyone can leave a nice one-time google review and give you a fuzzy feeling inside when you're hiring a professional. I want to do that one better. 

Client blogging is just that.. is the story that my REAL clients tell about their experience with me, and will give you more insight in to who I am as a person & professional. So without further ado... enjoy our inaugural CLIENT BLOG!


MARCESA HARPER - Family & Maternity Photography

I am one of those women that dreams of having a hallway lined with pictures of the special moments in my children's lives, big canvases of family portraits adorning the living room walls, and scrapbooks of cute shots of special events and day to day life. But the reality is, I never remember to grab the really nice camera that was gifted to me before my first child was born (although I only ever learned point-and-shoot mode) and often times I'm taking a crummy blurry picture on my phone, if that. The phone pictures, hardly Facebook worthy, are never going to be hallway material and especially not for a canvas. And in the rare occasion I do remember to get my camera, it's as if I did not even exist in the moment because I am no where to be seen in the photos. So then I end up sad and depressed that I have these crappy pictures of great memories filling up my phone or camera photos that I don't exist in that I'll eventually dump on to an external hard drive somewhere to sit in picture purgatory until I want to peruse through them again one day.  

Don't get me wrong, the crummy pictures remind me of that sweet memory, but I want to be able to see those sweet memories daily, share them with others, have my children be able to enjoy the pictures of these moments. I know you're probably saying, "They're just photos, not that big of a deal", but have you ever had a moment that you just wish you could revisit over and over again, in vivid pristine detail,  but the memory after time begins to fade? And you try so hard to remember every little moment… the color of the sky, the way that persons face looked that night, how small their hands were in yours, what it was like to spend that last time with a loved one that is no longer with you. There are so many pictures I wish I had but I don't because I took the chance for a photo for granted.  

Now when it comes to those big moments in life that definitely call for photos I used to not value the work of photographers as highly as I do now. I didn't understand the true importance of good quality photography. Anyone can take a picture, right? Wrong. Don't get me started on the lack of engagement photos that I have... and I still cry a little (mostly on the inside) when I look at my wedding photos. Even though they remind me of one of the best days of my life, I only have one photo printed out and on display in our home, and even that one I am unhappy with. I didn't feel like any of the photos captured "us" and I feel like some sweet moments were lost by not being photographed or just being poorly photographed all together. I remember the uncaptured moments now as we approach our 4th anniversary, but will I remember them 50 years from now as my memory begins to fade? And I surely can't share those photos with my children, because they just don't exist. 

I've realized that it really takes someone that understands the significance of the moment and the importance of capturing the real smile, the loving look exchanged, or the excitement in a child's eyes. It takes a photographer that is invested in their clients, sees them as friends, as family and is present  in that moment with them. Let me tell you, those photographers are rare.  

I have been incredibly blessed with a super talented friend that shows up to these special life events now and says, "Hey, I brought my camera. Do you care if I take a few pictures?" She will never understand how important those photos are to me. They are photos capturing a life that goes by too fast sometimes. Times that are often taken for granted. Opportunities for photos that are almost always forgotten in the busyness of the event, no matter how small.  

And for the big life events (that I've already mostly worked my way through) engagements, weddings, children being born, etc. it is worth every penny to find someone that really cares about the special moments. Someone that doesn’t take the photos for granted. Because in the end you're going to want to look at those pictures over and over again, print them on huge canvases, and line the walls of your home with them. Those moments don't belong on a hard drive. They belong where you can be reminded of the beautiful snapshot series, that is life.