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This is me.

Every ounce of me is filled with feisty, passionate desire to succeed. I don't quit, I have unrealistically (according to everyone else) high expectations, and I'm notoriously difficult to be married to. (SORRY KYLE.)

I'm learning how to be more gracious, mostly at church, because there's no other way except for the Lord intervening, that I'm going to get any better. I'm trying to eat more green things and run, but let's be honest... this time of year I'm too busy for all of that.

All of my girlfriends are pregnant, and I'm a little sad and jealous, because I KNOW that two kids is plenty of kids for me. They don't know it yet, but I'm going to sniff their babies all the time.

I'm a mother, and a wife. I'm not anywhere close to perfect, and we have had MAJOR ups and downs over the years, despite what it seems like to you all on the internet.

I wouldn't change a thing about my life, though.

And also.

I'm in love with Kelly L. because she spray tans me and makes me beautiful.