My Kiddos | Hiram Glen & Margeaux Rose | Taylor Heery Photography

It's no secret that my children are probably the most photographed children ever to walk the earth. Lately though, that has devolved form "professional style" images to iPhone photos (but HALLELUJAH to the iPhone X camera.) 

It's been a really tough, interesting, inspiring, challenging and at some points downright awful time the past couple of years. Being a family of two working parents can be stressful on all fronts, as many of you know. Sitting in move up at HHS on Friday, I was reminded of the plans that I made when I was a senior in High School... I don't think a single one of the things on my graduation to-do list happened the way that I imagined it would, if at all. 

But we have stepped out in faith time and time again, and despite that challenges... here we are. We're still learning, still praying and still dreaming bigger than we probably should.

My children are the sun in my universe. This age for them is FLEETING. I know all too well how life can be too fast for us to keep up with, and the pain of looking back and not remembering the little things. So let me help you. Let's take photos of these precious moments, so that you can adorn your hallways, coffee tables, cell phones and canvases with the never-ending joy & worthy struggle that is having a family. Capturing moments to put into print is not just something that should be an afterthought.. it should be an INVESTMENT. The images that you plan for and create now are the ones that will be in your family albums for who knows how many generations to come. Your future great-great grandchildren will be able to look back at their ancestors and compare traits, wonder about your lives and hopefully read the stories that you inscribe on the back of your prints.

It's never too late to get started, but one day it will be too late to start over.