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Hey HEY y'all! I'm going to share some of my workflow tips for editing, and then emailing. I was going to post this last night, but decided to spend the evening watching "Chuck" with my hubs and dogs. *SORRY NOT SORRY* Better late than never right? And now you're actually awake to read it, yay! 

Okay, first thing's first... let's talk about editing! I have been known to send clients galleries of 1000+ photos in a matter of like... 2 days or something. How am I doing this superhuman feat, and still maintaining continuity of editing & quality?!

One word: workflow.


Okay. SO let me lay down some basics. I edit primarily in Lightroom, using presets that I've made. I made my own so that my style would be distinctive, and so that I would better understand how to tweak and change them. AND because I didn't feel like there was anything available that fit the style that I was going for. 

Here's the overview of my process:

  1. Upload the images: rename files something pertinent (hilary+matt-7-7-18) and then tag the images with keywords that I can use to find the session again, should my mind fail me. (spoiler: it does that often.)
  2. Separate the images into "batches.": I have different presets for different situations.. one for outside, one for inside.. one for low light and one for backlight. So, I go through and "batch edit" each section of the session with the appropriate preset.
  3. Use star ratings to differentiate images: So when I'm editing, sometimes I also start at the beginning and batch edit huge portions of images, I then look at each image INDIVIDUALLY to make sure it's a keeper, and tweak it. An easy way for me to see the images that I DO NOT want to export, is star rating them with only ONE star. Then I can easily see that I didn't like that image. 
  4. Shoot with the same settings!!!!: This is the most important part of my workflow for sureeeee. You'll hear people say to "get it right in camera" and that is totally true, but to also remain CONSISTENT between shots is important, otherwise you'll be brightening this image, darkening the next one.. until your eyes fall out staring at your laptop. If you're in a situation where the light is the same, LUCKY you! Try to use the same settings over and over. If NOT, try to make sure that your exposures are similar. OBVS this isn't always possible (and it shouldn't be) but taking a bit of time to make the images close to perfect in camera, will save you time and hassle later.
  5. Copy & paste settings: This is one that seasoned LR users will know well, the copy & paste method. Every time I edit, even though I'm using my presets, I still have to tweak things like shadows, highlights, lens profile corrections, etc. Once you have gotten one image in a batch that you're really happy with, you can COPY AND PASTE your settings from that image onto your other ones, either individually or batch style. I've included images below for examples. Simply right click your image > develop settings > copy settings. Then, using the same steps, paste your settings! 
  6. Shooting with Kelvin and not Auto WB: Even I break this rule sometimes, like at receptions or low light, but GENERALLY I 87% of the time use Kelvin to white balance. Using K instead of Auto WB means that you have total control of the color of your images. Instead of guess and check, and tweak every. single. image. you now have continuity across your images, and can efficiently batch edit with peace of mind! I can tell you that I shoot a bit warm, so in daylight, I'm using between 5700-5900K and in the shade, it's more like 6100-6300K.


Emailing is one of my fav tasks actually. *WAIT WHAT DID THIS CRAZY LADY JUST SAY?!*

Yes. Emailing. That never-ending to-do list item... I love it. Emailing allows me to centralize all of my clients needs in one place instead of spread out across 1,000 platforms, makes communicating a breeze, and let's me stay in touch with clients near or far. 

I use a platform called Honeybook to help automate my email & client workflow, and it's changeddd my lifeeeeee y'all. I can keep all of the emails and files in ONE PLACE and it's simplified everything. My one gripe, would be that sometimes the emails go to clients junk mail, and I have to send follow up emails making sure that they got the first one.. so that's not my fav part but it certainly doesn't deter me from using the service. 

Also, your clients are your friends, whether you like it or not! If you aren't enjoying the relationships you have with your clients, then maybe something needs to change in your business. I literally have made some of my best friends just from SHOOTING THEIR PHOTO SESSION. This is a crazy thought, but it's 100% true. When you feel like you can communicate with a client so well that you develop a friendship in the end, then you've gained something that money can't buy. Take time to listen to their fears, their triumphs and study their personalities... you won't be disappointed when you realize that they hired you because they like your business. And if your business if infused with YOU and your personality... you see where I'm going here... 

ALSO. If you feel like your business isn't a reflection of you, and it needs some help I'M YOUR GIRL! Go and check out Taylor Heery Design Co. for more information on workflow, SEO, design and more!

There you have it! Hopefully you learned something, or maybe now you have more questions... I'm happy to answer them!