Happy New Year!!!

2019 is brining big things for THP. Video services, a new employee, destination weddings, online education and so much more. I’m thrilled about having more time and space in this coming year to hone in on my creative process, and push myself to grow in fields that I never thought i’d have the courage to enter in to.

Usually photographers do a recap of all of their fav photos they took throughout the year, and while I love that… I decided to feature one of my best friends for my final post. 2018 was tough, 2017 was tougher. I feel like we’re finally rounding the corner and heading in to this mystical space where there’s equilibrium and friendship. Elisa dropped in to my life firstly as a client, but then quickly as a friend, and then a best friend. 2018 has learned me many things, mostly tough, but the wonderful things have been making and rekindling connections. Life gets fast and stressful, and when you start focusing on the busy more than the quiet, something gets lost. Fortunately, things move forward and rarely stay stagnant for very long. Life is always changing around us.

My intentions for 2019 are:

  • Start a youtube channel for photo / video education

  • Offer online, downloadable content for people trying to learn photography

  • Add video & drone services to THP and THDCo.

  • Spend more time with my family

  • Spend less time nagging and over planning

  • Make more time for creative work with my favorite professionals

  • Educate, share and connect with followers.

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