My new hobby... Sewing!

You guys. I took up sewing because photography USED to be my hobby before I went full time, so obviously I needed a new hobby… right?!

I mean, photography is the perfect fit for me professionally. I do something creative that I LOVE and am excited about, but I still get to do all of the type-A, analytical tasks of running a business that I basically have to have to be a confident human being.

Most creative people seem to love a lack of structure, keep things a bit messy.. fun.. exciting. I’m NOT that person. My charts have charts and my calendar recently gave a friend of mine an anxiety attack. My contracts are thoroughly examined, each wedding timeline is meticulously poured over, and my schedule for family photos is awed over by the most seasoned wedding planner. Y’all, I LOVE me some order. Like, I’m never going to not vacuum my house 3 times in the same day, i’m just not. That brings me to my newest venture.. sewing.

Sewing is a mathematical dance of 1/4” inch seams, yards of fabric and even the RADIUS OF A CIRCLE at times. It’s about accuracy, skill, dedication, trial & error, and ultimately…. a very tactile and enjoyable product. It’s a way to enjoy art that’s different that what photos can offer, but so similar. I have quilts that have been in my family for yearsssss that make me as emotional as a photograph. They smell like the inside of the blanket chest that my Grandfather made, and the worn edges remind me of all the nights they kept me warm, or dried my tears.

I’m grateful to my friends Laura and other Laura who have imparted great sewing and quilting wisdom to me recently, without them I would never know what I half-square triangle is. It doesn’t even make sense to say it, but it’s a thing look it up.

Here’s to new adventures, and lots of blood from needle sticks.

PICTURED: A circle skirt that I made for M. She chose the fabric, which is good jolly fun to do with your two year old daughter.