Sneak Peeks!!

I think that my favorite part of the editing process is my first cull through, when I get to edit some of my favorite images, just hours after having lived the experience. I can still remember the phrases that were said to cause those smiles to form, and all of the moments are still so fresh in my mind. 

Let's talk about sneak peeks. 

If you've ever worked with me, then chances are... you know that I can't help but edit images *immediately* after uploading them. I just can't. I usually text my clients a few (sometimes A LOT) of my favorite images from their session or wedding. I have had brides call me crying (happy tears so far!) and saying that only NOW on the day after their wedding do they fully realize the importance of those images. 

There's know way to really understand how important your wedding photographs are until you realize that the wedding is done and over with.

So without further delay, here are a few sneak peeks from this weekends festivities so far!