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World, say hello to the queen of derpy photos.. myself.

A LOT of clients start their session by proclaiming how awkward and uncomfortable in front of a camera they are, and these images are a testament to my constant response to them… “Nobody is more awkward in front of a camera than me.”

I feel the same anxiety and pressure that anyone does when I role reverse and try to play subject, but from years of shooting portraits, i’ve learned a bit about people.

Our perceptions of ourselves are ALWAYS skewed, usually in a negative light.

I first see the wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead, the slightly crooked smile (thanks side part for hiding it!) but really, that’s crazy. It’s these little “imperfections” that tell the story of my life, literally on my face. My kids sure think that they’re cool, and hopefully one day when i’m 9,000 years old, they’ll remember how hip and young I was at one point.